Reality TV? Here we go!

I am a part of a sick web series reality show, y'all check out the trailer!

Official Music video for Tennessee Drip (feat. willie hyn)

Check out this great video

Goodbye Lullaby Austin Tolliver (feat. chase j)

Check out my new single Goodbye Lullaby (feat. Chase J)


Check out this great video

A Little Dust on the Bottle and a little blooper reel.

A little dust on the bottle. Y'all check out this cover.

Episode 2: A day in the life

New series a day in the life.

A day in the life episode 1

I'm starting a new series called a day in the life. It shows insights into my life and what I do everyday. Hope to bring insight into my world and let people hang that may be to far away to kick it physically lol.

American Dream

y'all check out American Dream! Its currently available on all digital streaming platforms!

American Dream Acoustic Version (Feat. Kate Earl)

New song that will be on my upcoming Album! Check it out.